the PLC checklist

Use this checklist to gauge where you are on the PLC journey. How many boxes can you check off?

We are committed to the learning of each student.
Our collaborative teams work interdependently to achieve common goals.
Our team members are mutually accountable.
Our teams use results-oriented goals to mark their progress.
Our team members work together to clarify exactly what each student must learn.
We monitor each student’s learning on a timely basis.
We provide systematic interventions, including additional time and support for struggling students.
We extend and enrich learning for advanced students.

Written by Dr. Richard DuFour and Dr. Robert J. Marzano, this game-changing resource is included with your PLC at WorkTM Summit registration.

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Based on the PLC at WorkTM model created by Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, and Robert Eaker, this summit is the perfect opportunity to face new challenges head on, reassess your objectives, or get new team members up to speed.

No matter where you are on the PLC continuum, here is a world-class event that offers access to the architects of PLC at WorkTM and their hand-selected associates. They’ll deliver powerful keynote presentations and lead hands-on breakout sessions designed to build and strengthen your professional learning community.

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