5 Compelling Reasons to Adopt the Marzano Teacher and School Leadership Evaluation Models

  1. Dr. Robert J. Marzano has made it his life’s work to uncover and connect the most effective K–12 classroom practices. The teacher and administrator models reflect that work.

  2. With four domains of direction and 60 elements of detailed insight, educators will discover what to do in the classroom to improve their practice.
  3. These companion models were created to bring the administrator and the teacher closer together throughout the evaluation process. Yet they also allow for self-reflection and autonomy in the journey toward professional growth.
  4. Teachers and administrators will develop a common language, helping everyone come together in vision, approach, and execution.

  5. When you adopt the Marzano evaluation models, you’ll also adopt a high-caliber, ongoing support system. Need help implementing these models? Dr. Marzano and his associates will assist you with a robust range of services—from video conferencing to on-site engagements and much more.

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    Please contact Learning Sciences International if you are interested in digitizing the Marzano School Leadership Evaluation and/or Teacher Evaluation models.

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